Frequently Asked Questions

YES And it’s for people of all ages!

  • community members (men and women) who want to see change
  • business owners or employees who want to improve their skills in planning and pitching
  • leaders who want to understand the needs of their community
  • people who have great ideas and want to share them and get better at turning them into actionable plans
  • everyone who’s looking for a fun, interactive day to meet some new people 
  • men and women who want to do something different

The ideas aren’t restricted and you can join with or without an existing idea! The event will focus on honing participants’ skills starting with having an idea, to bringing the idea to life by creating a business or concept plan and finally how to pitch the idea (and who to pitch to). Participants will be grouped on the day and the most popular or well resolved ideas  will be presented by the groups at the final Pitch.

Over the course of the day we expect you’ll learn (or improve your skills) in

  • The brainstorming and process of ‘ideation’ (coming up with great ideas)
  • The steps required for bringing and idea to life
  • How to turn an idea into a concept (eg business, product, service, activity, event)
  • How to Pitch the idea and Who to pitch the idea to

You can – but be aware that this will have an impact on your experience and the experience of the group. The day is FAST and there is a LOT going on and so if you miss any part of it then you’ll need to ‘catch up’ or be caught up by your group which creates a new dynamic. This may be something you can negotiate with your Group

Thursday evening is a meet and greet and a brief introduction to the online tools and spaces you’ll be using. It will be about 1hr

Friday you’ll be required from 9am – 3pm and then the public Online Pitch event is at 7pm and may go for anywhere from 1hr – 2 depending on how many pitches there are.

We encourage everyone from the Groups to contribute to the Pitch!

Between 3pm and 7pm will be up to your group and how prepared you are with your pitch, but there won’t be any scheduled activities or expectations from the TRIAGE team! We ask people to be in the ‘room’ ready for the Pitch 20-30mins early!

TRIAGE 2020 is an open source event so ALL of the pitches and ideas presented can be used by anyone!

We encourage the participants to take their great ideas further and seek funding or support to ‘bring them to life’ and if other people want to use the ideas from TRIAGE 2020 as the basis for a project/business/activity in their local area they can do that!